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About Us

PTV  is a 100% Black Empowerment owned and lead. Our professional workforce combines world class knowledge and the ability to work closely with clients to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our infrastructure allows as consulting, designing, fabricating, installing and supplying services and products efficiently to our client’s specific requirements.

Our Goal

To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service with a loyal customer base.


Our Philosophy

Passion – Drives our positive attitudes, pride in our work, our work ethic, our care in what we do, our motivation and professionalism

 Honesty – Our relationships are built on our Open, Honest and Trustworthy communication

 Integrity – We do the right thing when nobody can see us

 Excellence – We meet our Quality, Time, Safety and Cost objectives at all times

 Accountability – We understand what our responsibilities are and we ensure that we meet them

 Pro-Active Leadership – We Think and Plan ahead in leading our people

Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to a policy of continuous improvement of quality assurance and well ensure that his policy is understood, accepted, implemented and maintained throughout the company. It is our policy to provide quality services and products to our customers. It is our objective to produce services that guarantee the safety and satisfaction of customers at all times. The management team and all the organisational members take it as their responsibility to achieve a continuous and notable improvement of our quality standards.

Our Operating Principles

The management and operating principles that we apply in our business and that we strongly believe contribute to our current success and would thus naturally also be applied to any new contract opportunity are as follow. .Lean overhead structure, but retaining quality efficient people and resources as the main emphasis. Focus on the needs of our customers to ensure the highest service satisfaction levels. Ethical and honest business principals in all our business activities. Direct involvement of the owners and management on all levels of interaction between customers. Applying own experience and expertise to carefully assess and compute contract rates; to assure market related competitiveness and consistent and sustainable profitability. Effective streamlined systems and procedures in all departments of the company, which are customer focused and add quality and value to the business. Well managed and effective accounting and administrative systems. Optimal communications structures. Immediate problem solving to assure minimized delays in the operations, Responsible operating to assure the safe delivery of customer’s goods. Retaining a well-balanced insurance portfolio, utilizing outside insurance companies. Strict (With no exception) to legal operating standards.